Crisis, when not managed properly, are the undoing of any business empire. Strong business empires around the world realise this and go the extra mile to fortify themselves against current and potential crisis situations. While larger firms have their own crisis management teams, some others employ the services of renowned and respectable crisis management companies like Creo.

Creo is a success-oriented firm created to help companies deal with three major aspects of any business – Crisis management, Brand repositioning and Storytelling consultancy. It has helped many companies achieve outstanding reputation and stability while telling their brand stories in new and intriguing ways.

This leading crisis management firm has demonstrated the capacity, across Africa, to handle social media crises, health scares, investigations, product fails and recalls, protests and attacks by special interest groups, cyber security and data breaches, false accusations, employee revolt and ads that backfire.

It is an industrious firm that seeks to understand your business values and how your needs can be incorporated to fit into these values.

Creo has helped hundreds of companies across Africa deal with crises in uniquely restorative ways that have sustained their already built image quality. The company is built to use stealth and intuitive thought to deal with business crises and their aftermath. It has devoted itself towards engineering resilient and sustainable management strategies against future crises.

Empowered by an outstanding team of diverse professionals, Creo has equipped many companies in Nigeria and Africa with the requisite skills and business plans to manage crises, developing and expanding business stability in the continent, hence giving a new face to the economy itself.

The company has built a standard reputation that has inputted trust and quality in its brand, enabling businesses to completely hand over their crisis management into their hands while focusing on more important business aspects.

The inevitability of crisis in any company, makes Creo an indispensable asset to every business culture, preventing the escalation of every crisis, simple or complex. Creo is the support you need for achieving an outstanding business while being rest assured you’re in safe hands.