The importance of Influencer marketing in Nigeria to brands in crisis.

In every business, crises are part of everyday risks. They can never be fully prepared for. As a result of the difficulty in anticipating these disruptive changes, every business is likely to encounter them one way or the other. What now stands paramount is being able to resurface with minimal destructive effects. Luckily, this can be achieved using the right tools to effectively handle these crises as they come; if not, they pose the risk of escalating beyond repair.

Crisis management companies have all recognised the importance of using marketing as one of the most effective tools to reposition brands during crisis. Through its public perception shaping benefits, it can help businesses offset some of the harms resulting from crisis. In the fast-paced world, we live in now; marketing has, however evolved in the past few decades to include digital marketing with a further subdivision into influencer marketing, a trend that has recently taken over Nigeria.

Influencer marketing in Nigeria involves partnering with top Nigerian influencers who have substantial followings to promote brand ideologies and services. As a tool that drives engagement and boosts reputation, it has proven itself to be a strong communication medium that can help brands reconnect with old customers while attracting and delighting new customers.

When crisis hits any business, it is capable of destabilising progress, causing a loss of customers and collapsing the business in the long run, more so in our present technology-oriented world. Today’s world is one that thrives online. Social media has been a vital connective tool that keeps people in touch within seconds. The result of this is that when brands are hit with crises, they now have an increased risk of becoming media sensations overnight. With little to no control on what is being said about brands, it becomes critical to engage expert companies like Creo to use tools like influencer marketing to improve brand images.

Such expert companies have the requisite skills to quickly assess the situation and provide strategic solutions that deliver results. For instance, Creo, as a storytelling, brand repositioning and crisis management company, utilises its years of experience in creating compelling brand stories to transform brand identities. The company is devoted to providing lasting results, helping brands manage crisis and its aftershock. Well-versed in the latest trends, this leading company has used influencer marketing to help Nigerian companies, non-profits, donors, governments, and HNIs tell their brand stories in uniquely restorative ways, reconnecting them to their customers.

It isn’t enough to manage present crisis; strategies have to be put in place to reduce future risks. Brands like Creo use stealth and intuitive thought to manage social media crises, health scares, investigations, location closures, product failures and recalls, employee revolts and more, while also building resilience against future crises.

Companionship goes a long way in allaying fears during crisis, and that is one thing Creo always provides to its clients. Determined to provide all possible support to companies facing crisis, the company has proven its worth time and time again as the best go-to during crises.